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The United States not only forsook their ally, betrayed a friendship, reneged on their commitment, mistreated 58.000 souls of fallen heroes but also degraded the fortitude of millions of US personnel who sacrificed their lives for Democracy, the invaluable spiritual foundation of the United States.

The Vietnamese Communists have committed to and signed the diplomatic documents, especially the Paris Peace Accords, but never kept their words and fulfilled their commitment.

The Seoul case is not just a personal victory for Mr. Chanh, it is also the victory of the overseas Vietnamese community and of the whole people of Vietnam who are suffering under communist rule. The Seoul case not only decided that Mr. Chanh is not a terrorist, but it also recognized Mr. Chanh as a great leader of the struggle for Democracy and Human Rights. The decision of the Seoul High Court is a historic testimonial for freedom under the democratic rules of justice. It also a symbolic precedence of fairness, a MESSAGE OF HOPE sent to Vietnam and all over the world that Democracy for Vietnam is not a distant future.

The Socialist Republic of Vietnam, a UN Member State, sullied Mr. NHC’s reputation while he was celebrating the 3rd Global Officials Dignity (GOD) Awards and 2nd Humanitarian Summit at the UN Headquarters.


The Vietnamese authorities took advantage of the indictment in 2006 to accuse Mr. NHC, who has been living in exile, of acts of terrorism just because he opposed the dictatorship of the Communist regime in Vietnam.


So who is Nguyen Huu Chanh?

PARIS Peace Accords



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